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Preparing To Take Your Test

  • Find a quiet place to study, away from interruptions and distractions.

  • Acquire the recommended reference materials.

  • Study the course material. At the end of each chapter take the online practice test for the subject area or areas you just completed.

    Tip: Use your reference materials to lookup answers to questions, even the ones you may know the answer to. You will become familiar with the organization of your references, which is especially important for open book exams. Also, go beyond just finding the answer to a question. Read an additonal paragraph or chapter. Gleaning as much information as possible will be helpful come exam time.

  • Review your practice test results: Re-study and re-take the online practice test for the chapters you were weak in.

    Tip: Consider running down the entire set of online practice test subject areas doing only the first few questions of each(they are in random order each time). In total, do approximately the same number of questions found on the exam. This will give you some idea what pacing is required to meet the time limit.

  • On exam day, relax, clear your mind, remove all distractions, and be confident knowing you've prepared to the best of your ability.


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