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Our professional consultants have over 25 years of experience in the construction field and preparing candidates for their Exams in Business, Law and Management and the Construction Trades.  We are your primary resource to help you prepare for and pass your state, county, and city exams.  We offer Online Practice Tests, and if available, Study Guides, Books, CDs And more!  All of our tests are online 7/24.  They are specifically designed to drill you in the subject matter related to your license exam.

Enroll in our New Jersey Contractor School Online today and get a head start on passing your state, county, or city contractor exam!

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It Is prohibited by law to copy the license exams. We are an independent Contractor License School Online and are not affiliated with any licensing authority.  We obtain updated information from manuals on subjects each locale will be testing you on.  Our practice tests are compiled from this information and test you on the same subject matter.

The tests drill you using multiple choice questions to help you determine the subjects that require more attention. No practice exercises can cover fully the knowledge needed to be a licensed contractor but testing will re-enforce the expertise acquired through years of experience and education to give you the confidence to pass your exam.

We recommend to completely understand all of the subjects covered by the exam, that you review the recommended resources and obtain the recommended reference manuals along with the online practice tests.  Although an effective learning tool, do not rely solely on a practice test to pass a license exam.
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