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ContractorWith over 20 years of experience preparing candidates for the contractor exams for the trade and Business, Law and Management, Contractor School Online (CSO) is your primary resource to help you pass your State Contractor License Exam! We offer online practice tests, study materials, books, CD-ROMs, crash courses and more depending on the state.

To become a certified contractor you must pass a Business and Law exam in many states and, depending on the classification you need, you may need to pass a trade exam as well. If you are unsure what your classification requires, please use our Information Request Form.

Contractor School Online (CSO) will assist you with their professional consultants and provide study materials, also practice tests for theBusiness, Law, and Management and your trade if available. If purchases are made elsewhere make sure the correct author, title and year are appropriate for the trade.

CSO Business and Law Practice Test coincides with the required State Contractor's Manual.

Please note: Inventory Pricing - Contractors State Bonding and Subjects may change without notice.


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Construction Work Regulated:

Prequalification is required in order to bid on highway work in the state.

Construction work of all kinds, including asbestos abatement is regulated by registration at the state level.

License Requirements


  • Applicants are not required to take any examination or document experience for the general contractor or specialty contractor licenses. Contractors are required to carry liability insurance and a post cash deposit or license bond of $6,000 for general and $4,000 for specialty contractors. The average application processing time is 48 hours. There were 44,000 licenses as of September 1994.

Highway Pre-qualification:

  • Contractors must submit a standard questionnaire and financial statement form. Bidding rates are set by the department based on the information submitted. Prequalifications must be renewed annually.


  • Trade examinations are required for electricians and electrical administrators. A $4,000 bond is required of electrical contractors. A continuing education requirement exists as a precondition to renewal.


  • Performance and payment bonds for 100% of the contract price are required for public works.

Reciprocal Agreements

Washington has reciprocal agreements with Alaska, Idaho, Massachusetts, Montana, North Dakota South Dakota, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming for electrician certification only.

License Types

Types of Licenses

  • General Contractor
  • Specialty Contractor
  • Asbestos Contractor
  • Electrical Contractor
  • Administrator
  • Residential
  • Pump & Irrigation
  • Signs
  • Limited Energy
  • Nonresidential Maintenance
  • Domestic Appliances
  • General Electrical

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