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ContractorWith over 20 years of experience preparing candidates for the contractor exams for the trade and Business, Law and Management, Contractor School Online (CSO) is your primary resource to help you pass your State Contractor License Exam! We offer online practice tests, study materials, books, CD-ROMs, crash courses and more depending on the state.

To become a certified contractor you must pass a Business and Law exam in many states and, depending on the classification you need, you may need to pass a trade exam as well. If you are unsure what your classification requires, please use our Information Request Form.

Contractor School Online (CSO) will assist you with their professional consultants and provide study materials, also practice tests for theBusiness, Law, and Management and your trade if available. If purchases are made elsewhere make sure the correct author, title and year are appropriate for the trade.

CSO Business and Law Practice Test coincides with the required State Contractor's Manual.

Please note: Inventory Pricing - Contractors State Bonding and Subjects may change without notice.

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Pennsylvania State

Contractor Licensing

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania currently has no licensure or certification requirements for most construction contractors (or their employees).

Please note the following regarding state and local requirements pertaining to certain contractors (and their employees).


In 2008, the Pennsylvania Legislature passed the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act. The law requires that all contractors who perform at least $5,000 worth of home improvements per year register with the Attorney General's Office.

On July 1, 2009, the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (Senate Bill 100) took effect. This law requires most home improvement contractors to register with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office. Additionally, these contractors must maintain minimum insurance coverage and utilize contracts that comply with a number of consumer protection requirements specified in this law. The Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection is responsible for enforcement of these requirements. If you have questions about this contractor registration program, call 717- 772-2425.


The Crane Operator Licensure Act (Act 100 of 2008; HB 647) was signed into law in 2008. This act establishes a Crane Operators Board and licensure requirements for crane operators. The Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs at the PA Department of State administers this licensure program. Here are various means that crane operators can contact the Bureau:

State Board of Crane Operators
P.O. Box 2649
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649

Phone: (717) 783-1404


In order to comply with federal mandates, the State of Pennsylvania certifies contractors and workers that perform asbestos and lead removal services. These certifications are issued by the Certification, Accreditation and Licensing Division at the Department of Labor and Industry. If you have questions about asbestos or lead certification, call 717-772-3396.


Some of Pennsylvania’s 2,562 municipalities have established local licensure or certification requirements for contractors or construction trades people. Typically, these requirements pertain to home improvement contractors, electrical contractors (or electricians), and plumbing contractors (or plumbers). Since the Commonwealth has no jurisdiction in this matter, the Department maintains no records concerning municipalities that have established licensure or certification requirements. This information can only be obtained by contacting the municipality where construction work will occur.

In 2008, the Pennsylvania Legislature passed the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act. The law requires that all contractors who perform at least $5,000 worth of home improvements per year register with the Attorney General's Office.

Pennsylvania State, worked to ensure that the registration process is as quick and easy as possible. Registration may be completed online or by mailing an application to our office. We encourage you to complete your registration online, as you will receive your registration number and a printable temporary registration certificate instantaneously.

Construction Contractors are not licensed in Pennsylvania. However the Department of Transportation has certain requirements for public works contractors.


An individual or firm needs certification if he is involved in any asbestos abatement activity where there is asbestos-containing friable material.

Department of Labor and Industry
PO Box 60246
Harrisburg, PA 17106

Certification Fees:

Worker - $ 25.00
Supervisor - $ 50.00
Project Designer - $150.00
Building Inspector - $150.00
Management Planner - $150.00
Contractor (Individual) - $250.00


An individual or firm needs certification if he is involved in any lead abatement activity.

Department of Labor and Industry
PO Box 60246
Harrisburg, PA 17106

You will need to take a course and obtain a training certificate. The training certificate is valid for three years.

Certification fees vary depending on expiration of your training certificate.

If there are less than six months until expiration of your certificate, fees will be as follows:

Worker - $ 25.00
Supervisor - $ 37.50
Project Designer - $100.00
Building Inspector - $100.00
Risk Assessor - $100.00

If there are more than six months until expiration of your certificate, fees will be as follows:

Worker - $ 50.00
Supervisor - $ 75.00
Project Designer - $200.00
Building Inspector - $200.00
Risk Assessor - $200.00

Public Works

To bid on public works projects in Pennsylvania you need to get your name on the Department of General Services Contractors List. To do this, ask for a Contractor's Questionnaire form from:

Department of General Services
18th and Herr Streets, Room 103
Harrisburg, PA 17125
(717) 783-7610 

The questionnaire will ask you about what types of work you want to do, the value of projects you may bid on, minority status of your business, and which counties of Pennsylvania you want to work in.

You'll need to pay $75 to file the questionnaire. It's good for one year.

Department of Transportation (DOT)

To bid on Pennsylvania Department of Transportation projects, you have to be prequalified by the Department. To get an application for prequalification, contact:

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Prequalification Office
Forum Place, 7th Floor
555 Walnut St.
Harrisburg, PA 17101-1900
(717) 787-7032

The application requests information about your organization, personnel, financial condition, equipment, and experience. The Department will also check if you have any tax liabilities, suspensions from any state agency, or deficient performance on any previous state contract.

You'll also be asked what type of work you want to be qualified for. Here are the types of work the Department uses:

Clearing, grubbing
Excavating, grading
Building demolition

Base course:
P.C.C. base course
Flexible base course

Bituminous patching, manual repair
Rigid pavement
Rigid patching, repair

Incidental construction:
Drainage, water main, storm sewer
Curbs, sidewalks, inlets, manholes
Guide rail, steel median barrier, fences
Slab-jacking, sub-sealing

Roadside development:
Rest area structures, buildings

Traffic accommodations, control:
Pavement markings
Sign placement
Highway/sign lighting, signal control
Sign structures

Cement concrete structures
Repair, rehabilitation of structures
Pile driving
Metal plate, concrete box culverts, short span bridges
Modified concrete deck overlays
Bridge removal
Steeling painting


Prequalification is good for 18 months from the date of the balance sheet you mail with your prequalification application.

Out of State Corporations

Corporations formed in other states must apply to the Corporation Bureau for a Certificate of Authority to do business in Pennsylvania.

Department of State
Corporation Bureau
Commonwealth Avenue & North Street
308 North Office Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120
(717) 787-1057

There will be a $250 filing fee for the Certificate of Authority.


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