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Washington-HVAC-Heating and Air Conditioning Online Practice Test

These are actual questions from our online practice test.

We have included a question from each chapter of the test. Every question will be multiple choice. The answers are not included with the sample.

Sample Questions

# Chapter Title Question
1 HVAC, Temperatures, Boilers, Furnaces and Valves Cross linked polyethylene may be expressed as _______.
2 HVAC, Compressors, Ducts, Furnaces and Exhaust Hoods In a _________ compressor, refrigerant enters the compressor and is subjected to centrifugal forces.
3 HVAC, Compressors, Refrigerants, Valves, Air Conditioning and Thermostats The lubrication fluid used in burner motors is a number ___ weight non-detergent motor oil.
4 HVAC, Evaporators, Lubricants, Pipelines and Water Pressure The shell of a shell and tube or shell and coil condenser acts as __________.
5 Installation and Ductwork __________ refers to the relative weight of gas as compared to the weight of an equal amount of air.
6 Installation and Troubleshooting What category venting system is used for an induced draft non-condensing furnace?
7 Configurations and Pipes HVAC Pump Handbook Section 9.3.1 is in reference to system _____________ components.
8 Gas Codes

Regarding connection of plastic piping, can only be installed ________________, underground only.

9 System Applications A water temperature of 200 degrees F with an absolute viscosity, (cP) of 0.30 = a kinematic viscosity, ft 2/s of 0.__________ X 10-5.
10 Pumps Regarding the HVAC Pump Handbook, Section 4.2 is in reference to the centrifugal pump ______________ design.
11 Chillers With electric motor driven chilled consumption, the kilowatts per ton are the ____________ for the low condenser water temperatures and the highest for the high condenser water temperatures.
12 System Design Data If a water system is operating at 75 psig pressure at an altitude of 1000 ft the atmospheric pressure is 14.2 lb/in 2, so the absolute pressure is ___________ psia.
13 Pump Description The two principal types of centrifugal pumps for HVAC are axial flow pumps and __________ pumps .
14 Water Use in HVAC Systems Through the use of variable speed pumps, ______________ water systems are realizing greater efficiencies.
15 Tower Pumps Cooling towers are generally rated in tons of cooling _______________ Btu/ton.
16 Distribution Systems Thermal shock and condensation on the fire side due to cool entering water temperature are two common causes of premature __________________.
17 Two Pipe Cooling and Heating Systems Thermal shock and condensation on the fire side due to cool entering water temperature are two common causes of premature __________________.
18 Friction A measure of channel flow efficiency is the definition of Hydraulic _________________.
19 Speed and Curves Losses regarding recirculation are generally caused by the recirculation of the water within the bowl or ________________.
20 Storage Tanks Regarding the basics of pump application to open energy storage tanks, the _____________ and specific gravity of the liquids involved should be checked and used in calculations for pipe and fitting friction and pumping horse power.
21 Motor Controls and Occupancies Energy sources used for HVAC include electricity and ________.
22 Mathematics and Calculations

The sum of the first three terms of a geometric sequence is equal to 42. The sum of the squares of the same terms is equal to 1092. Find the three terms of the sequence. 

23 Safety and Dig Alert

In reference to section 1926.1101(f)(2)(iii)(B), Where the employer has monitored ____________ asbestos jobs for the PEL and the excursion limit within 12 months of the current or projected job, the monitoring and analysis were performed in compliance with the asbestos standard in effect; and the data were obtained during work operations conducted under workplace conditions "closely resembling" the processes, type of material, control methods, work practices, and environmental conditions used and prevailing in the employer's current operations, the operations were conducted by employees whose training and experience are no more extensive than that of employees performing the current job, and these data show that under the conditions prevailing and which will prevail in the current workplace there is a high degree of certainty that employee exposures will not exceed the TWA and excursion limit; 

24 Bid Preparation and Estimating The notice to owner contained in a contract, informs the customer of _________________.
25 Labors, Employees, Contractors, Insurance and Safety OSHA form 200, log and summary of occupational injury must be kept for how many years?
26 Basic - Blueprint Reading and Plans A revision (marker) is shown on the completed set of working drawings by _______________.
27 Asbestos - Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29, Part 1926

Regarding section 1926.1101(g)(5)(v),  A water spray process system may be used for removal of ACM and PACM from cold line piping if, employees carrying out such process have completed a _________ -hour separate training course in its use, in addition to training required for employees performing Class I work. The system shall meet the following specifications and shall be performed by employees using the following work practices.

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