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Vermont-HVAC-Heating and Air Conditioning Online Practice Test

These are actual questions from our online practice test.

We have included a question from each chapter of the test. Every question will be multiple choice. The answers are not included with the sample.

Sample Questions

# Chapter Title Question
11 Chillers Expensive motorized valves are not necessary to control the flow through the chillers if the headers and bypass are sized for minimum __________.
2 Compressors, Ducts, Furnaces and Exhaust Hoods If the ignition on a gas boiler is not achieving a spark you should check __________.
3 Compressors, Refrigerants, Valves, Air Conditioning and Thermostats What is used in a steam boiler to remove condensate?
7 Configurations and Pipes The friction loss of the water distribution system is called the __________.
16 Distribution Systems Regarding the HVAC Pump Handbook Section 15.9 is in reference to __________ heat transfer.
24 Estimating, Basic Blueprint Reading and Plans The three basic steps to estimating a construction project are, estimate of how much material that you will be using, labor and pricing.
4 Evaporators, Lubricants, Pipelines and Water Pressure High viscosity oil is __________oil.
18 Friction ASTM is the acronym for __________
8 Gas Codes Underground piping systems shall be installed with a minimum of __________ inches of cover. The minimum cover shall be increased to __________ inches if external damage to the pipe or tubing from external forces is likely to result.
5 Installation and Ductwork Gas supply line to a mobile home is commonly __________ inch.
6 Installation and Troubleshooting Natural gas is also known as what?
22 Job Safety On __________ -employer worksites, an employer performing work requiring the establishment of a regulated area shall inform other employers on the site of the nature of the employer's work with asbestos and/or PACM, of the existence of and requirements pertaining to regulated areas, and the measures taken to ensure that employees of such other employers are not exposed to asbestos.
21 Motor Controls and Occupancies The external surface of totally enclosed motors of Types 2 or 3 shall never have an operating temperature (degrees Celsius) in excess of what percentage of the ignition temperature of the gas vapor involved in its operation?
13 Pump Description The two principal types of centrifugal pumps for HVAC are axial flow pumps and __________ pumps .
10 Pumps Regarding the HVAC Pump Handbook, Section 4.3 is in reference to the general performance of a __________ Pump.
19 Speed and Curves What is NPSH?
20 Storage Tanks In pumping open thermal storage tanks, it is important to ensure that the thermal __________ is maintained for control of the temperature of the storage tank.
9 System Applications What is cavitation?
12 System Design Data If a water system is operating at 75 psig pressure at an altitude of 1000 ft the atmospheric pressure is 14.2 lb/in 2, so the absolute pressure is __________ psia.
1 Temperatures, Boilers, Furnaces and Valves Combustion air consists of what?
15 Tower Pumps Mostly __________ is used piping in cooling towers.
17 Two Pipe Cooling and Heating Systems A four pipe variable air volume system (VAV) with two pipe where it is applicable calls for the 4 x __________ pipe system.
99 USA Dig Alert The ##DIG_ALERT_COMPANY## markings are valid __________.
14 Water Use in HVAC Systems If the system head H is 100 ft. the pump efficiency 82 percent, the wire to shaft efficiency 89 percent, and the temperature differential 12 degrees F, then kW/100 tons = __________ tons.

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