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Vermont-Finish Carpentry, Cabinet and Millwork Online Practice Test

These are actual questions from our online practice test.

We have included a question from each chapter of the test. Every question will be multiple choice. The answers are not included with the sample.

Sample Questions

# Chapter Title Question
1 Finish Carpentry It is more accurate to mark trim in place than to measure and then transfer numbers.
2 Cabinetry Installation Cabinet shelves should be laid out accurately and level, and be supported every _____ or closer.
3 Moldings A ___________ cut consists of two angles, the bevel angle and the miter angle.
4 Siding Regarding shingles and siding: diverging lines are obvious mistakes: With shingles or lapped siding, diverging starting and ending points can be hidden a little at a time by slightly tapering the course _____________.
5 Installing Windows Two window jambs joined is called?
6 Wood Flooring The __________________ is widely used for re-entrant angles. The effect of wood shrinkage is concealed when the joint is beaded or otherwise moulded.
7 Thermal Moisture Protection Before siding is installed, the sheathing is covered with _________________.
8 Safety, Closets and Doors Made of solid brass a ____________ hook features 2 pivoting points allowing it to move in and out plus move up and down. It can be used on any type of door, including cabinet doors, to lock in closed and/or open positions.
9 Definitions The ______________ is a length of narrow board, often a 1x4 usually cut to the height of one storey.
10 Hinges, Hardware and Pulls ______________ keys are semicircular shaped, such that, when installed, leave a protruding tab.
11 Wood Power Tools and Machines A _____________ saw is a cutting machine consisting of a circular saw mounted on a sliding horizontal arm.
12 Hand Tools and Fabrications Abrasive pads are ________ of nylon fibers imbedded with abrasive material.
13 Coating Products and Finishes Fiberglass, Polystyrene and cellulose are used in thermal protection.
14 Labors, Employees, Contractors, Insurance and Safety

1926.57(f)(4)(i)(b), The _______________ pressure drop at the exhaust ducts leading from the equipment shall be checked when the installation is completed and periodically thereafter to assure continued satisfactory operation. Whenever an appreciable change in the pressure drop indicates a partial blockage, the system shall be cleaned and returned to normal operating condition.

15 Safety and Asbestos - Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29, Part 1926

Regarding section 1926.1101(g)(4)(ii), For all Class I jobs involving the removal of more than ____________ linear or 10 square feet of thermal system insulation or surfacing material; for all other Class I jobs, where the employer cannot produce a negative exposure assessment pursuant to paragraph (f)(2)(iii) of this section, or where employees are working in areas adjacent to the regulated area, while the Class I work is being performed, the employer shall use one of the following methods to ensure that airborne asbestos does not migrate from the regulated area:

16 Bid Preparation and Basic - Blueprint Reading and Plans Baseboards are sold in 16 feet sections. How many baseboards are needed to install in a room with 322 linear feet?
17 Mathematics, Calculations and Formulas

Consider the 3-4-5 rule of a right-triangle.  If one side of a right-triangle is three feet and the other side is four feet and the hypotenuse  is five feet, then angle 'A' is  _________ degrees.  If you want to square something larger, you can use proportions of this same formula, such as 6-8-10.

52 = 42 + 32 or 102 = 82 + 62

 Pythagorean Theorem


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