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New York-Plumbing Online Practice Test

These are actual questions from our online practice test.

We have included a question from each chapter of the test. Every question will be multiple choice. The answers are not included with the sample.

Sample Questions

# Chapter Title Question
27 Basic Bid Preparation and Estimating What type of estimating forces the study of the plans and specs, identify and cost out all the materials piece by piece, and calculate the hours of labor on job tasks?
19 Coatings and Control Corrosion __________ is pigmented coatings using varnish as the vehicle.
25 Construction Safety and Training All emergency action plans required by a particular OSHA Standard. The emergency action plan shall be __________, and shall cover those designated actions employers and employees must take to ensure employee safety from fire and other emergencies.
28 Employees, Contractors, Insurance and Safety OSHA form 300, log and summary of occupational injury must be kept for how many years?
9 Excavating, Drainage, Compaction and Sitework A permit may be required prior to starting work, when employees are entering shafts, trenches or excavations more than __________.
13 Installation, Joints, Field Elevations, Sewers and Sewer Testing When checking for location of where the sewer pipe enters the tank, you must first find the __________.
11 Installation, Pipes, Drainage and Trenches Sanitary and storm sewer __________ tests may be made in lieu of __________ tests.
14 Installation, Pipes, Leach Fields and Tanks Although most codes permit 3 " pipe to be used for sewer lines, __________ pipe is still recommended.
20 Installing Irrigation Pipes Many rectangular valve box lids are difficult to remove and replace because, the two longest walls cave in when excessive pressure is placed against the wall. What can you use to place against the walls to brace them and prevent cave in?
22 Installing Irrigation Systems, Proper Installation and Routing How deep should 24 volt wiring be buried
29 Mathematics, Calculations and Formulas A plumber and his assistant work together to replace the pipes in an old building. The plumber charges $45 an hour for his own labor and $25 an hour for his assistant's labor. The plumber works twice as long as his assistant labor on this job, and the labor charge on the final bill is $4025. How long did the plumber and his assistant work on this job?
26 OSHA Safety, Asbestos and Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29, Part 1926 AZ State Law, requires at least __________ days notification and not more than __________ days.
1 Pipes, Water Pressure, Pipe Fittings and Hydronics You should __________, when installing radiant floor tubing in an area where damage might occur.
7 Plumbing, Appliances, Drains, Fixtures and Inspections __________ is exempt from drainage system rough in testing.
8 Plumbing, Installation and Repairs What type of pipe are reaming and threading tools used on?
4 Plumbing, PSI, Water Pressure, Water Flow, Pipelines and Water Pressure Water vapor which is at the lowest temperature it can be without condensing back into water is called what?
12 Plumbing, Septic Tanks, Drainage and Gas Lines A septic tank can not be located within __________ feet of an open body of water.
2 Plumbing, Valves, Gas Pipes, Oxygen, Gas Cylinders and Water Heaters All manholes must be equiped with __________.
5 Plumbing, Valves, Water Heaters, Gas Pipes, Oxygen and Gas Cylinders Valves used to shut off water to appliances and fixtures that require repair or maintenance are __________ valves.
23 Roof Drainage Slopes pitch = rise/run The roof gets steeper when rise becomes greater than run, so increasing rise makes it steeper. Also decreasing the run makes it steeper.
18 Sanitary Sewers, Storm Sewers and Septic Tanks Although most codes permit 3" pipe to be used for sewer lines, __________ pipe is still recommended.
15 Sewer Maintenance and Repair The "repair-as-is" option for completely failed drain fields, if permitted by the health department, includes __________.
16 Sewer System, Location Sites and Soil Conditions Which is correct regarding the statement, __________ is particularly susceptible to change in moisture.
21 Sprinkler Head Selection, Placement and Gauging Pump Performance The rate in inches per hour that water moves into the soil is called __________.
24 Swimming Pool Pipe Installation and Earthwork and Excavating If the influent pump discharges into the grit chamber, where the liquid level is 8 feet above the pump datum line, the pump draws its suction from a wet well, whose water surface is 2 feet below the pump. The friction head is estimated at 2.5 ft. Determine the Static Head, in feet. __________ ft.
17 System Design, Tank Size, Soils, Pathogens and Gases In conventional systems, effluent discharges from the __________, and flows by gravity through perforated pipes into the __________.
6 Temperatures, Boilers, Furnaces, Valves and Hydronics Hydroncs can be defined as a heating systems that use water to move heat from where it is produced to where it is needed. The water within the system is neither the source of the heat nor its destination; only its “conveyor belt.” Heat is absorbed by the water at a heat source, conveyed by the water through the distribution piping, and finally released into a heated space by a heat emitter.
10 Underground Drainage and Pipelines Drain lines should be a minimum __________ inches in diameter.
99 USA Dig Alert The ##DIG_ALERT_COMPANY## markings are valid __________.
3 Values, Drainage, Vents and Standpipes Steel fittings used in a water piping system within a building must be __________.

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