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New York-HVAC Heating, Air Conditioning Online Practice Test

These are actual questions from our online practice test.

We have included a question from each chapter of the test. Every question will be multiple choice. The answers are not included with the sample.

Sample Questions

# Chapter Title Question
28 Basic Bid Preparation, Estimating, Blueprint Reading and Plans For work that has been terminated, the contractor will be reimbursed for stockpiled materials according to __________?
2 Compressors, Ducts, Furnaces and Exhaust Hoods If the ignition on a gas boiler is not achieving a spark you should check __________.
3 Compressors, Refrigerants, Valves, Air Conditioning and Thermostats What is used in a steam boiler to remove condensate?
15 Distribution Systems Regarding the HVAC Pump Handbook Section 15.2.4 is in reference to variable volume __________ system with contemporary chillers.
29 Employees, Contractors, Insurance and Safety OSHA form 300, log and summary of occupational injury must be kept for how many years?
4 Evaporators, Lubricants, Pipelines and Water Pressure Bell and spigot, rubber screw coupling, and solid coupling, are all common types of couplings used for what?
25 Excavating, Clearing Site and Trenching Trenches must be sufficiently excavated and stones, rocks, or boulders should be removed to provide a minimum of __________ inches clearance under all portions of the pipe.
22 Friction ASTM is the acronym for __________
13 Gas Pipes, Vents and Pumps The two types of centrifugal pumps for HVAC service are axial flow and __________.
30 General Regulations and Fire Extinguishers On a jobsite, you have to have a fire extinguisher for safety purpose within:
19 Installation and Ductwork Gas supply line to a mobile home is commonly __________ inch.
24 Installation and Troubleshooting Two common methods used to seal a sectional heat exchanger are __________.
20 Motor Controls and Occupancies HVAC packages commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings include __________.
27 OSHA Safety, Asbestos and Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29, Part 1926 Ladders can be used for access to working surfaces above and below ground level on short duration jobs prior to the installation of __________.
12 Pipe Configurations and Pipe Systems A static head or a constant friction head comes from the division of __________ head.
18 Pump Description The two principal types of centrifugal pumps for HVAC are axial flow pumps and __________ pumps .
9 Solar Collector Installation Insulated pipes to and from collectors should be buried __________ , in ground-mounted systems.
10 Solar Thermal Systems, Panels, Collectors and Formulas Sunlight Electric PV systems typically weigh no more than __________ lbs/sq ft, and most roofs can accommodate 2-3 times that amount of 'dead load' weight.
11 Solar Thermal, Electric Currents and Formulas The actual power density varies slightly since the Earth-Sun distance changes as the Earth moves in its elliptical orbit around the sun, and because the sun's emitted power is not constant. The power variation due to the elliptical orbit is about 3.4%, with the largest solar irradiance in January and the smallest solar irradiance in July. An equation which describes the variation through out the year just outside the earth's atmosphere is: where: H is the radiant power density outside the Earth's atmosphere (in W/m2); Hconstant is the value of the solar constant, __________ kW/m2; and n is the day of the year.
21 Speed and Curves What is NPSH?
16 System Applications If 1 brake horsepower hour, bhph = to 2545 Btu/h = 0.746 kWh (kilowatthour) = 1 kWh = 1.341 bhp = __________ Btu/h
17 System Design Data In a system design the physical data for HVAC system design,basic steam data, if the absolute pressure is at , lb/in2 is at 20, the steam temperature, F is at 227.96, the saturated liquid is at 196.16, the evaporation is at 960.1 then the saturated vapor would be at __________ .
1 Temperatures, Furnaces, Valves and Hydronics Hydronic Piping shall be tested at a pressurse of not less than __________ pounds per square inch for not less than aperiod of 15 minutes.
14 Testing and Symbols EPA classification Type 1 =
14 Two Pipe Cooling and Heating Systems A four pipe variable air volume system (VAV) with two pipe where it is applicable calls for the 4 x __________ pipe system.
99 USA Dig Alert The ##DIG_ALERT_COMPANY## markings are valid __________.
5 Water Use in HVAC Systems If the system head H is 100 ft. the pump efficiency 82 percent, the wire to shaft efficiency 89 percent, and the temperature differential 12 degrees F, then kW/100 tons = __________ tons.

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