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New York-Excavating and Underground Utilities Online Practice Test

These are actual questions from our online practice test.

We have included a question from each chapter of the test. Every question will be multiple choice. The answers are not included with the sample.

Sample Questions

# Chapter Title Question
1 Excavating, Drainage, Compaction and Trenching Trenches must be sufficiently excavated and stones, rocks, or boulders should be removed to provide a minimum of ____ inches clearance under all portions of the pipe.
2 Excavating and Sitework

SAR is the acronym representing ________________________.

3 Earthworks, Clearing, Excavating and Surveying Excavations in fractured rock can often avoid sheeting altogether, either by injecting grout into the joints of the rock to stabilize it or by drilling into the rock and inserting __________ that fasten the blocks together.
4 Excavating and Grading A separate __________ permit may be required for grading plans review, retaining walls, or major drainage structure construction.
5 Underground Utilities, Drainage, Pipelines and System Location Sites Which is correct regarding the statement, __________ is particularly susceptible t change in moisture.
6 Installation, Pipes, Drainage and Trenches

Any normal conditions for storm sewers and culverts favor the use of precast concrete pipe. 

7 Trenchless Technologies What do sewer manhole renewal methods provide?
8 Trenchless Pipeline Construction Methods, Designs and Renewal Methods The installation of CIPP typically improves the flow characteristics of the existing pipe. Why is flow improved in CIPP?
9 Horizontal Auger Boring, Pipe Ramming, Pipe Jacking and Utilitity Tunneling What is the major disadvantage to pipe ramming?
10 Micro-Tunneling Methods and Pilot Tube Micro-Tunneling PTMT is very accurate and can be used above or below the ______ _____.
11 Horizontal Directional Drilling What appears to be the next frontier for HDD?
12 Pipe Materials What are the types of welded joints available for steel pipe?
13 Close-Fit Pipe and Cured In Place Pipe CIPP has no joints and a very smooth interior surface. What does this typically do?
14 Slip-lining and Modified Grouting operations take place manhole to manhole from downstream to upstream manhole. What does this ensure?
15 Pipe In-Line Replacement, Coatings and Linings Underground The use of high strength cementitious materials top coated with _____ coatings is a cost effective solution to renewal of severely deteriorated structures.
16 Sanitary Sewers, Storm Sewers and Septic Tanks

 The condensed molecular/chemical formula for ethanol is ________________________________________ 

17 Installation, Pipes, Leach Fields and Tanks Sewer line connections to existing lines or manholes are not made until upstream lines have been _____________.
18 Installation, Joints, Field Elevations, Sewers and Sewer Testing The necessary elevation of the bottom of the tank can be calculated from the _________________.
19 Pipeline Management, Inspection, Cleaning and Coatings and Control Corrosion The use of high strength cementitious materials top coated with _____ coatings is a cost effective solution to renewal of severely deteriorated structures.
20 Localized Repair, Sewer Pipelines, Thermo-formed Pipe and Sewer Manhole Renewal What is the most common cause of severe deterioration in concrete sanitary sewer systems?
21 Maintenance Repair and Sewer Lateral Renewal Service lateral renewal methods provide tools for ______ solutions.
22 Pipe Welding, Installing and Ductile Iron Pipes

Using direct bury and tunneling, workers installed 4,000 feet of ___________ -inch-diameter HOBAS pipe in Salt Lake County, Utah, at depths from 2 to 26 feet.

23 Welding, Brazing, Arc, Oxyacetylene, Testing and Inspection A ________________ is a device most commonly used in oxy-fuel welding and cutting to stop the flame from burning back up into the equipment and causing damage or explosions.
24 Asphalt Paving, Subsurface, Drainage and Hot-Mix Paving

If the air void are above ___ to ____ %, the mix will permeable to air and  water and will not have the required durability.

25 Job Safety Traffic Control An employee was injured because the contractor had overlooked a hazardous situation. Which of the following is a correct statement regarding responsibility for the injury?
26 ADA Parking Requirements Signs displaying "Unauthorized Parking" shall be 17 inches by 22 inches minimum in size with lettering_____inch(es)minimum high.
27 Miscellaneous What is the hypotenuse?
28 OSHA Safety, Asbestos, Code of Federal Regulations, Fire Extinguishers and Dig Alert

If an emergency notice must be given to Alabama 811 Dig Alert, the utility companies will attempt to respond within _______.

29 Mathematics, Calculations and Formulas

2 pipes are connected to a tank. One pipe fills the tank in 7 hours. The second pipe empties the tank in 9 hours. If both pipes are open, how long will it take to fill the tank?


In each hour, the filler pipe adds 1/7 of the tank while the drain subtracts 1/9 of the tank.
--> 1/7 - 1/9 per hour
= 2/63 tank per hour
--> 63/2 hours per tank = _______________ hours

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