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New York-Electrical Residential and Small Commercial Online Practice Test

These are actual questions from our online practice test.

We have included a question from each chapter of the test. Every question will be multiple choice. The answers are not included with the sample.

Sample Questions

# Chapter Title Question
11 Alarm Inspections, Testing and Maintenance How often shall detectors be tested?
9 Conduits, Voltmeters, Ammeter and Ohmmeter __________ conduit is the only rigid non-metallic conduit that may be used above ground.
8 Electric Power Conditioning and Mechanical Electrical Lamp pole for exterior use is located 20 ft. away from the building. What type of raceway would be used?
3 Electrical Branch Circuits Dual Element Fuse =
13 Electrical Miscellaneous, Conductors, Wires, Panels, EMT and Currents Regarding wind pressure calculation: Load in Newtons = 0.613 . (V m/s) 2 . kz . GRF. I . Cf . A(m__________)
16 Electrical Systems, Cables, Wires and Electrical Sign Installation A sign can be used as a pull box or junction box for adjacent signs, outline lighting systems, or floodlights that __________..
7 Electrical Transmission Lines and Communication Lines A messenger that is effectively grounded throughout its length will have the same clearance from the communications facilities that are required for a neutral conductor meeting regarding Rule __________ in reference to fiber optic supply.
1 Electrical, Connections, Panel Boards and Grounding What clearance is required for the front of a 208/120 panel?
2 Electrical, Heaters, Conductors, Bonding and Voltage 120/240 V single phase system with single black-red-white conductors (installed in single conduit) select "single set of conductors", 120/208 V 3 phase system with 2 conductors per phase and neutral (installed in 2 parallel conduits) select "__________ conductors per phase in parallel", dc system with 3 positive and 3 negative conductors select "3 conductors per phase in parallel".
4 Electrical, Wires, Cables and Raceways For most 120/240V systems using cables of adequate ampacity, voltage drop is not a concern unless cable lengths are well over a hundred feet.
12 Emergency Alarm Communication Systems, Control Functions and Interfaces What do smoke detectors mounted in the air ducts of HVAC systems do?
22 Employees, Contractors, Insurance and Safety OSHA form 300, log and summary of occupational injury must be kept for how many years?
15 Low Voltage Wiring What are closed raceways referred to?
23 Mathematics and Calculations The combined resistance of two resistors R1 and R2 in a parallel circuit is given by the formula R=1/(1/R1+1/R2) Simplify the formula.
5 Motor Controls and Occupancies The smallest bonding conductor permitted for pool equipment is No. __________ AWG.
6 NEC and Electrical Equipment The first step in solving a low voltage problem on a circuit is to leave the voltmeter leads connected across the line, and then begin __________.
21 OSHA Safety, Training, Asbestos and Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29, Part 1926 For all Class I jobs involving the removal of more than __________ linear or 10 square feet of thermal system insulation or surfacing material; for all other Class I jobs, where the employer cannot produce a negative exposure assessment pursuant, or where employees are working in areas adjacent to the regulated area, while the Class I work is being performed, the employer shall use one of the following methods to ensure that airborne asbestos does not migrate from the regulated area:
17 Part 1 - Fluorescent, LED, HID Fabrication, Tubes and Electrical Flow One type of hysteresis is a simple lag between input and output.If a sinusoidal input X(t) and output Y(t) that are separated by a phase lag φ:
X(t) &= X_0 sin omega t  Y(t) &= Y_0 sinleft(omega t-phi
Such behavior can occur in linear systems, and a more general form of response is
 Y(t) = chi_	ext{i} X(t) + int_0^{infty} Phi_	ext{d} (	au) X(t-	au) , mathrm{d}	au,
where chi_	ext{i} is the instantaneous response and Phi_d(	au) is the impulse response to an impulse that occurred 	au time units in the past. In the frequency domain, input and output are related by a complex generalized susceptibility that __________ be computed from Phi_d; it is mathematically equivalent to a transfer function in linear filter theory and analogue signal processing.
18 Part 2 - Fluorescent, LED, HID Fabrication, Tubes and Electrical Flow An ideal dipole consists of two opposite charges with infinitesimal separation. The potential and field of such an ideal dipole are found next as a limiting case of an example of two opposite charges at non-zero separation. Two closely spaced opposite charges have a potential of the form:
phi(mathbf{r})=frac{q}{4 pi varepsilon _0 | mathbf{r}- mathbf{r}_+ |} -frac {q}{4 pi varepsilon _0 | mathbf{r}- mathbf{r}_- | }  ,
with charge separation, d, defined as
mathbf{d} = mathbf{r}_+ - mathbf{r}_-  ,
The position relative to their center of mass (assuming equal masses), R, and the unit vector in the direction of R are given by:
{mathbf{R}} = mathbf{r} - frac{mathbf{r}_+ + mathbf{r}_-}{2} , quad hat{mathbf{R}} = frac {mathbf{R}}{R}  ,
Taylor expansion in d/R (see multipole expansion and <quadrupole) allows this potential to be expressed as a series.
phi(mathbf{R}) = frac{1}{4 pi varepsilon _0} frac {qmathbf{d}cdothat{mathbf{R}}}{R^2} + Oleft(frac{d^2}{R^2}
ight) approx frac {1}{4 pi varepsilon _0} frac {mathbf{p}cdothat{mathbf{R}}}{R^2}  ,
where higher order terms in the series are vanishing at large distances, R, compared to d. Here, the electric dipole moment p is, as above:
 mathbf{p} = qmathbf{d}  .
The result for the dipole potential also can be expressed as:
phi(mathbf{R})=- mathbf{p}cdotmathbf{
abla}frac {1}{4 pi varepsilon _0 R} ,
which relates the dipole potential to that of a point charge. A key point is that the potential of the dipole falls off faster with distance __________ than that of the point charge. The electric field of the dipole is the negative gradient of the potential, leading to:
 mathbf Eleft(mathbf R
ight) = frac{3(mathbf pcdothatmathbf R)hatmathbf R-mathbf p}{4pivarepsilon_0 R^3}  .
14 Photovoltaics __________ is a I-III-VI2 semiconductor material composed of copper, indium, gallium, and selenium. It has a chemical formula of CuInxGa(1-x)Se2
10 Protected Premises, Fire Alarm Systems and Fundamentals Every low power radio transmitter will automatically repeat alarm transmission at intervals not exceeding __________ seconds until the initiating device is returned to its normal alarm condition.
19 Sign Components The voltage and current ratio of autotransformers can be formulated the same as other two-winding transformers: frac{V_1}{V_2}=frac{N_1}{N_2} = a (0<V2<V1) The ampere-turns provided by the upper half: F_U = (N_1 - N_2)I_1 = (1-frac{1}{a})N_1I_1 The ampere-turns provided by the lower half: F_L = N_2(I_2 - I_1) = frac{N_1}{a}(I_2-I_1) For ampere-turn balance, FU=FL: (1-frac{1}{a})N_1 I_1 = frac{N_1}{a}(I_2-I_1) Therefore: frac{I_1}{I_2} = frac{1}{a}
20 Sign Design and Mounting A __________ sign is a sign mounted to a building so that it provides information while also serving as shelter. Or signage, usually a vinyl application, affixed to existing awnings.
99 USA Dig Alert The ##DIG_ALERT_COMPANY## markings are valid __________.

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