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New Mexico-Alarms, Fire, Burglar, Security, Inspection, Emergency and Safety Online Practice Test

These are actual questions from our online practice test.

We have included a question from each chapter of the test. Every question will be multiple choice. The answers are not included with the sample.

Sample Questions

# Chapter Title Question
1 Fundamentals How long does a complete record of the tests and operations of each system have to be kept?
2 Circuits and Pathways The flow of electrons and tiny atomic particles is referred to as ___________________.
3 Alarms Inspections, Testing and Maintenance How often shall detectors be tested?
4 Initiating Devices, Smoke and Heat What color should manual fire alarm boxes be?
5 Notification Appliances Where shall textual visible notification appliances used in the public mode be located?
6 Emergency Control Functions and Interfaces Shall magnetic door holders that allow doors to close upon loss of operating power be required to have a secondary power source?
7 Protected Premises Fire Alarm Systems Every low power radio transmitter will automatically repeat alarm transmission at intervals not exceeding __ seconds until the initiating device is returned to it s nonalarm condition.
8 Fire Detection

Smoke Alarms should be installed where temperatures normally remain between ___________° F (4° C) and 100° F (38° C).


9 Emergency Communications Systems What should the area of refuge (rescue assistance) emergency communications system be comprised of?
10 Supervising Station Alarm Systems Supervising station customers or clients will be notified in writing within __ days of any scheduled change in service that results in signals from their property being handled by a different supervising station.
11 Public Emergency Alarm Reporting System Which wiring method should conductors and fiber-optic cables be installed in buildings?
12 Single and Multiple-Station Alarms and Household Fire Alarm Systems What are flame detectors not intended for?
13 Sensors, Devises, Controls and Conductors By using a combination of magnetic contacts and _________________, a glass door with a glass transom may be protected.
14 Signaling Circuits

DVACS: Short for DIGITAL VOICE ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS.  A means by which a number of ALARM SYSTEMS can communicate with a CENTRAL STATION over a network type of connection. Similar to DIRECT WIRE.  It utilizes _______________  connected to the CONTROL PANEL that are continuously interrogated by special receivers in the CENTRAL STATION.  

16 Intrusion Detection

Silent Alarm: An alarm that makes _________ audible noise. The control panel notifies central station operators of an alarm without setting off the security system sirens. Silent alarms are used when apprehension of an intruder is the main goal of the security system.

17 CCTV System

__________________ is a type of side channel attack which exploits sounds emitted by computers or machines.

18 Power Supplies

Can you use nylon glands for the fire alarm cables?

19 Conduits, Voltmeters, Ammeters and Ohmmeters Plenum rated cable for CATV is marked with?
20 Wiring Requirements and Wire Characteristics The acronym OEM is in reference to _____________________.
21 NEC and Grounding The reference level for voltage levels within a system is usually referred to as ________________.
22 Wiring and Raceways Regarding telephone wiring components, the conductors in telephone wires should be solid copper with a 22 AWG minimum and at least ______ insulated conductor wires. These wires should be colored green, red, black and yellow or standard coding.
23 Troubleshooting

How is power limited fire alarm cable marked?

24 Definitions What do you call a component used to relay signals among wireless devices, appliances, and control units?
25 Abbreviations A ___________ is a digital camera that uses a mechanical mirror system and pentaprism to direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder on the back of the camera.
26 OSHA Safety, Dig Alert and Fire Extinguishers

If an emergency notice must be given to NJ One Call 811, utility company, will attempt to respond within _______.

27 Employees, Contractors, Insurance and Safety What is required to be worn by employees and contractors at all times to minimize forces transmitted to the head, neck, spine, from falling objects?
28 Basic Estimating and Blueprint Reading A revision (marker) is shown on the completed set of working drawings by _______________.
29 Mathematics, Calculations and Formulas

When the 5 k potentiometer in this circuit is set to its 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% positions, the following output voltages are obtained (measured with respect to ground, of course): 


At 0% setting, Vout = 0 V
At 25% setting, Vout = 2.5 V
At 50% setting, Vout = 5 V
At 75% setting, Vout = 7.5 V
At 100% setting, Vout = 10 V

Calculate what the output voltages will be if a 1 k? load resistor is connected between the "Vout" terminal and ground: 


At 0% setting, Vout =
At 25% setting, Vout =
At 50% setting, Vout =
At 75% setting, Vout =
At 100% setting, Vout =

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