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Mississippi-HVAC-Heating and Air Conditioning Online Practice Test

These are actual questions from our online practice test.

We have included a question from each chapter of the test. Every question will be multiple choice. The answers are not included with the sample.

Sample Questions

# Chapter Title Question
1 Temperatures, Boilers, Furnaces and Valves Combustion air consists of what?
2 Compressors, Ducts, Furnaces and Exhaust Hoods If the ignition on a gas boiler is not achieving a spark you should check ____________.
3 Compressors, Refrigerants, Valves, Air Conditioning and Thermostats What is used in a steam boiler to remove condensate?
4 Evaporators, Lubricants, Pipelines and Water Pressure High viscosity oil is _______oil.
5 Installation and Ductwork Gas supply line to a mobile home is commonly _______ inch.
6 Installation and Troubleshooting Natural gas is also known as what?
7 Configurations and Pipes 0
8 Gas Codes 0
9 System Applications 0
10 Pumps 0
11 Chillers Expensive motorized valves are not necessary to control the flow through the chillers if the headers and bypass are sized for minimum ________________.
12 System Design Data If a water system is operating at 75 psig pressure at an altitude of 1000 ft the atmospheric pressure is 14.2 lb/in 2, so the absolute pressure is ___________ psia.
13 Pump Description 0
14 Water Use in HVAC Systems If the system head H is 100 ft. the pump efficiency 82 percent, the wire to shaft efficiency 89 percent, and the temperature differential 12 degrees F, then kW/100 tons = ______________ tons.
15 Tower Pumps Mostly ______________ is used piping in cooling towers.
16 Distribution Systems Regarding the HVAC Pump Handbook Section 15.9 is in reference to ____________ heat transfer.
17 Two Pipe Cooling and Heating Systems A four pipe variable air volume system (VAV) with two pipe where it is applicable calls for the 4 x __________ pipe system.
18 Friction 0
19 Speed and Curves What is NPSH?
20 Storage Tanks In pumping open thermal storage tanks, it is important to ensure that the thermal ____________ is maintained for control of the temperature of the storage tank.
21 Motor Controls and Occupancies The external surface of totally enclosed motors of Types 2 or 3 shall never have an operating temperature (degrees Celsius) in excess of what percentage of the ignition temperature of the gas vapor involved in its operation?
22 Safety and Dig Alert 0
23 Estimating, Basic Blueprint Reading and Plans

The three basic steps to estimating a construction project are, estimate of how much material that you will be using, labor and pricing.

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