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Minnesota-Refrigeration Online Practice Test

These are actual questions from our online practice test.

We have included a question from each chapter of the test. Every question will be multiple choice. The answers are not included with the sample.

Sample Questions

# Chapter Title Question
1 Condensers and Compressors Packing in the stuffing box is ______________.
2 Condensers, Compressors, Water, Gas and Temperatures Compressor capacity ____________, when suction pressure decreases.
3 Evaporator and Metering Devices Flash gas forms in the ________________.
4 Controls, Servicing Tools, Refrigeration Accessories and Installations Unless it _____________________, refrigerant must not be installed vertically through flooring between stories.
5 Refrigerant, Toxic Chemicals and Mixing Chemicals

Where would the oil trap be installed on a refrigeration system?

6 Refrigerant, Freon, Variety of Brine and Leaks The enthalpy of the saturated liquid less the enthalpy of the gas equals the latent heat.
7 Refrigeration Systems and Design Conduction is the transfer of ______________.
8 Testing Symbols and Refrigerant Oil EPA classification Type 1 =
9 Troubleshooting, Startup, Testing and Maintenance When preparing the air conditioning unit for heavy use it is necessary to ________________.
10 Circulation Systems Compression Chiller =
11 Piping and Combustion In reference to lines and piping, R-12, R-22, R-500 and R-502 liquid velocities are about 100 ft./min. Suction lines have about _____ ft./min.
12 Venting and Service A flue pipe can reach a temperature of 500 degrees F to ____________ degrees F.
13 Absorption An intermittent absorption system is __________________________.
14 Different Types of Condensers, Compressors, Pressure and Cooling Systems Compressor capacity ____________, when suction pressure decreases.
15 Evaporator, Metering Devices, Temperature, TEV, TXV and Valves Scale from water deposits will build up and need to be removed periodically from _________________.
16 Condensers, Compressors, Oil, Gas, Crankcase, Discharging and Valves Packing in the stuffing box is ______________.
17 Valve Systems and Refridgeration Theory Conduction is the transfer of ______________.
18 Refrigeration Systems Dry Ice =
19 Equipment, Pressure Temperature and Math

The number N of bacteria in a refrigerated food is given by N(T) = 10T2 − 20T + 700, 1 ¡Ü T ¡Ü 20 where T is the temperature of the food in degrees Celsius. When the food is removed from refrigeration, the temperature of the food is given by T(t) = 5t + 2, 0 ¡Ü t ¡Ü 6 where t is the time in hours. (a) Find the composition N(T(t)). N(T(t)) = 1 , 0 ¡Ü t ¡Ü 6

Answer: N(t) = 10t^2 - 20t + 700 

N(T(t)) = 10T^2 - 20T + 700 
= 10(5t+2)^2 - 20(5t+2) + 700 
= 250t^2 + 100t + 700 

20 Definitions Cryogenics
21 Osha, Safety, Asbestos, Code of Federal Regulations Title 29, Part 1926 and Fire Extinguishers On a jobsite, you have to have a fire extinguisher for safety purpose within:
22 Employees, Contractors, Insurance, Safety and Dig Alert

If an emergency notice must be given to NC 811 Dig Alert, the utility company will attempt to respond within _______.

23 Open Book, Manuals Needed

NC Refrig Manuals, Open book

            North Carolina General Statute 87, Article 5,      North Carolina General Statute 87, Article 5,    Refrigeration Licensing Law.      

             Modern Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Althouse, Turnquist, Bracciano, 18th Edition                       

                North Carolina Administrative Code, Chapter 60, State Board of Examiners.                                      

                 National Electrical Code (NFPA-70), 2017, NFPA       

                North Carolina State Building Code: Mechanical Code, 2012, ICC.




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