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Indiana-Excavating and Underground Utilities Online Practice Test

These are actual questions from our online practice test.

We have included a question from each chapter of the test. Every question will be multiple choice. The answers are not included with the sample.

Sample Questions

# Chapter Title Question
1 Trenchless Technologies What do sewer manhole renewal methods provide?
2 Utility Construction and Cost What if the formula for finding the cost of fuel for detour roads/vehicles?
3 Pipeline Management, Inspection and Cleaning What are some conventional cleaning methods of sewer systems?
4 Trenchless Pipeline Construction Methods and Design How is gel strength reported?
5 Trenchless Renewal Methods and Design The installation of CIPP typically improves the flow characteristics of the existing pipe. Why is flow improved in CIPP?
6 Pipe Materials What are the types of welded joints available for steel pipe?
7 Horizontal Auger Boring The guided boring method also known as the pilot tube method is used in conjunction with HAB machine to install small diameter pipe with greater grade and ______ precision.
8 Pipe Ramming What is the major disadvantage to pipe ramming?
9 Pipe Jacking and Utility Tunneling Not all types of pipes can be used in pipe jacking. Why?
10 Horizontal Directional Drilling What appears to be the next frontier for HDD?
11 Micro-Tunneling Methods What are some advantages of MT?
12 Pilot Tube Micro-Tunneling PTMT is very accurate and can be used above or below the ______ _____.
13 Cured In Place Pipe CIPP has no joints and a very smooth interior surface. What does this typically do?
14 Slip-lining What is the most important limitation of SL?
15 Close-Fit Pipe What is used in the thermal swage method?
16 In-Line Replacement In PB, what happens to the existing pipe?
17 Lateral Renewal Service lateral renewal methods provide tools for ______ solutions.
18 Localized Repair The application of point CIPP is for pipelines that are sound but may contain isolated pipe lengths that have _________.
19 Modified Slip-lining Grouting operations take place manhole to manhole from downstream to upstream manhole. What does this ensure?
20 Coatings and Linings Underground The use of high strength cementitious materials top coated with _____ coatings is a cost effective solution to renewal of severely deteriorated structures.
21 Thermo-formed Pipe and Sewer Manhole Renewal What is the most common cause of severe deterioration in concrete sanitary sewer systems?
22 Design Basis For commonly encountered temperature in liquid transmission pipelines, the specific gravity of a liquid varies approximately linearly with temperature, therefore a 10% increase in temperature results in a 10% decrease in __________.
23 Miscellaneous K1 is a parameter that depends on _____________.
24 Pipe Fitter Math Reduce these fractions to their lowest terms and pick the correct answer 6/16, 2/8, 4/16, 24/32.

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