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District of Columbia-Building Contractor Residential and Small Commercial Online Practice Test

These are actual questions from our online practice test.

We have included a question from each chapter of the test. Every question will be multiple choice. The answers are not included with the sample.

Sample Questions

# Chapter Title Question
1 Carpentry, Firewall, Drywall, Cabinetry, Stair Risers and Finish Carpentry Fewer screws are used when attaching drywall to wood framing. Screws are spaced at ________ inches.
2 Carpentry, Insulation, Cabinetry, Flooring and Finish Carpentry End joints of tongued and grooved or square edge strip flooring shall be staggered to avoid having several of them _________ together.
3 Framing, Joists, Exposed Beams and Steel Framing

 A _____________  is one of the horizontal supporting members that run between foundations, walls, or beams to support a ceiling or floor. They may be made of woodengineered woodsteel, or concrete. Typically it has the cross section of a plank, while a beam is bigger than a joist. Joists are often supported by beams laid out in repetitive patterns.

4 Doors and Windows Two window jambs joined is called?
5 Moldings A ___________ cut consists of two angles, the bevel angle and the miter angle.
6 Siding Vinyl siding consists of two layers, the top layer or cap stock and a second layer known as the ___________.
7 Thermal Moisture Protection

When estimating wood siding take-off, allowance for ________ should be included.

8 Painting and Wall Covering Concrete aged less than _____ days is considered not suitable for painting.
9 Masonry, Mortar, Water Drains, Masonry Prisms and Chimneys What is the total height of masonry erected prior to the placement of grout called?
10 Masonry, Joints, Mortar, Concrete Blocks and Glass Blocks Reinforced masonry or concrete structures located in seismic Zones No. 3 and 4 should have principal reinforcement spaced a maximum of _________ feet O.C. in buildings using a moment resisting space frame.
11 Roofing, Flashing, Joints, Valleys and Drains How many times its weight in asphalt must felt be able to absorb?
12 Roofing, Eaves, Gables, Asphalt Shingles, Rafters and Membrane What is the distance fron the lower edge of a top shingle to the upper edge of the shingle in the course below it?
13 Roofing Tile and Slate When laying tile if there is an uneven surface, how is that repaired?
14 Concrete

Control joints are generally located how many ft. apart on concrete slabs on grade, as a rule, ____ to ______ times the thickness.


15 Structural, Reinforcing Steel, Rebar and Ties The adjustable column form is a durable, rugged system that quickly form column dimensions in 1" and 2" increments. ____________ psf allowable pressure Standard 3/4" chamfer on all columns create smooth edge finish 3/16" steel form face provides an excellent finish, standard 3/4" Speed Bolts join forms, no internal ties required, up to 48" square columns.
16 Sitework, Footings and Foundations ________ regulations require the open sides of ramps be enclosed on all open sides and end with railings when the elevation meets or exceeds 7.5 ft.
17 Excavating, Drainage and Compaction When filling unsuitable areas, a general rule is to figure one cubic yard of dirt excavated for every ________ tons of aggregate used.
18 Miscellaneous - Risers, Truss Rafters, Framing, Flooring and Sheathing ______________ reinforce the sheathing.
19 Insulation, Acoustical, Baffle Insulation, Vapor Barriers, Sound Transmission and Fire-Rated Partitions Sound transmission loss of a ceiling can be improved by ____________.
20 Drywall, Installation, Taping, Joints, Compounds and Plaster Plaster over expanded metal lath or wire fabric is a __________ coat system.
21 Employees, Contractors Insurance and Safety What is required to be worn by employees and contractors at all times to minimize forces transmitted to the head, neck, spine, from falling objects?
22 OSHA, Safety, Dig Alert and Fire Extinguishers On a jobsite, you have to have a fire extinguisher for safety purpose within:
23 Basic Estimating, Blueprint Reading and Plans A revision (marker) is shown on the completed set of working drawings by _______________.
24 Asbestos and Federal Regulations, Title 29, Part 1926

Regarding section 1926.1101(g)(5)(v),  A water spray process system may be used for removal of ACM and PACM from cold line piping if, employees carrying out such process have completed a _________ -hour separate training course in its use, in addition to training required for employees performing Class I work. The system shall meet the following specifications and shall be performed by employees using the following work practices.

25 Mathematics, Calculations and Formulas Sixteen is 25% of what number?

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