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Connecticut-Electric Signs Online Practice Test

These are actual questions from our online practice test.

We have included a question from each chapter of the test. Every question will be multiple choice. The answers are not included with the sample.

Sample Questions

# Chapter Title Question
1 Electrical Systems, Cables, Wires and Electrical Sign Installation

A sign can be used as a pull box or junction box for adjacent signs, outline lighting systems, or floodlights that ______________..

2 Conduits, Voltmeters, Ammeter and Ohmmeter What color are the wire for pins 2 and 5 on an RJ13 jack?
3 Electrical, Wires, Cables and Raceways For most 120/240V systems using cables of adequate ampacity, voltage drop is not a concern unless cable lengths are well over a hundred feet.
4 Electrical, Connections, Panel Boards and Grounding What clearance is required for the front of a 208/120 panel?
5 Motor Controls and Occupancies Wood used for decoration on a sign must not be closer to a lampholder than _______ inches.
6 Electrical Miscellaneous, Conductors, Wires, Panels, EMT and Currents Regarding wind pressure calculation: Load in Newtons = 0.613 . (V m/s) 2 . kz . GRF. I . Cf . A(m__)
7 Components

Autotransformers are often used to step up or step down voltages in the 110-115-120 V range and voltages in the 220-230-240 V range - for example, providing 110 V or 120 V (with taps) from 230 V input, allowing equipment designed for 100 or 120 V to be used with a __________ V supply.

8 NEC, Electrical Equipment and Supplies In a DC circuit, the ratio of watts to volt amperes is always ________.
9 Sign Design and Mounting

A ___________________ sign is a sign mounted to a building so that it provides information while also serving as shelter. Or signage, usually a vinyl application, affixed to existing awnings. 

10 Part 1 - Fluorescent, LED, HID Fabrication, Tubes and Electrical Flow

One type of hysteresis is a simple lag between input and output.If  a sinusoidal input X(t) and output Y(t) that are separated by a phase lag φ:

X(t) &= X_0 sin omega t  Y(t) &= Y_0 sinleft(omega t-phi

Such behavior can occur in linear systems, and a more general form of response is

 Y(t) = chi_	ext{i} X(t) + int_0^{infty} Phi_	ext{d} (	au) X(t-	au) , mathrm{d}	au,

where chi_	ext{i} is the instantaneous response and Phi_d(	au) is the impulse response to an impulse that occurred 	au time units in the past. In the frequency domain, input and output are related by a complex generalized susceptibility that _____________ be computed from Phi_d; it is mathematically equivalent to a transfer function in linear filter theory and analogue signal processing.

11 Part 2 - Fluorescent, LED, HID Fabrication, Tubes and Electrical Flow

In a discharging battery or a galvanic cell, the cathode is the positive terminal since that is where the current flows out of the device (see drawing). This outward current is carried internally by positive ions moving from the electrolyte to the positive cathode (chemical energy is responsible for this "____________" motion). 


12 Troubleshooting and Repair

The thermoplastic used to mold many common cheap connectors softens or melts at relatively low temperatures. This can result in the pins popping out or shifting position (even shorting) as you attempt to solder to them to replace a bad connection. One approach that works in some cases is to use the _____________ socket to stabilize the pins so they remain in position as you solder. The plastic will still melt - not as much if you use an adequately sized iron since the socket will act as a heat sink - but will not move.

13 Definitions

A ________________________ is a  valve on a vacuum pump used to admit air in the compression stage of pumping. Useful in removing air and moisture trapped in the vacuum oil, the gas ballast valve should be closed during normal pump operation. 

14 Safety Electrical and Grounding

Portable or mobile signs must be adequately supported and readily movable without the use of tools . Each portable or mobile sign must have an attachment plug. Remember that 400.8(2) and (5) prohibit flexible cords from being run through (or above) a suspended ____________.

15 Safety, Dig Alert, Asbestos, Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29, Part 1926 and Fire Extinguishers

If an emergency notice must be given to TX or Lone Star 811 Dig Alert, utilitlity company will attempt to respond within _______.

16 Mathematics and Calculations

If the voltage V in an electric circuit is held constant, the current I is inversely proportional to the resistance R. If the current is 50 amperes when the resistance is 204 ohms, what is the current when the resistance is 120 ohms.

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