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Colorado-Building Construction Online Practice Test

These are actual questions from our online practice test.

We have included a question from each chapter of the test. Every question will be multiple choice. The answers are not included with the sample.

Sample Questions

# Chapter Title Question
1 Excavating, Drainage, Compaction and Trenching Trenches must be sufficiently excavated and stones, rocks, or boulders should be removed to provide a minimum of ____ inches clearance under all portions of the pipe.
2 Earthworks, Excavating and Surveying What are site contours?
3 Grading, Compaction and Soils What is the most common soil density test?
4 Underground Utilities, Drainage and Pipelines Drain lines should be a minimum ________ inches in diameter.
5 Excavating and Worksite

For maximum compaction, material backfilled into a trench should be placed with ______ in. lifts.

6 Plumbing, PSI, Water Pressure, Water Flow, Pipelines and Water Pressure The size of any required water supply pipe depends on what?
7 Plumbing, Valves, Gas Pipes, Oxygen, Gas Cylinders and Water Heaters All manholes must be equiped with _________.
8 Electrical Transmission Lines
Tall fast growing trees like cottonwoods require at least ___________  feet of side clearance, at least 10 feet of overhanging clearance, and at least 14 feet of clearance underneath the distribution lines.
9 Boilers and Furnaces Combustion air consists of what?
10 Pipeline Management, Inspection and Cleaning

What are some of the causes of structural deterioration of the water and waste water pipeline?

11 Coatings and Control Corrosion What is a Vehicle?
12 Pipe Welding, Installing and Ductile Iron Pipes

Using direct bury and tunneling, workers installed 4,000 feet of ___________ -inch-diameter HOBAS pipe in Salt Lake County, Utah, at depths from 2 to 26 feet.

13 Asphalt Paving Subsurfaces and Drainage Contour lines is labeled with the number on the _____________ side.
14 Hot-Mix Paving

Record keeping as part of the organization is necessary for a well completed project.  There are several aspects of the projct that are considered at the Preconstruction Conference.  One of the most important in writting and oral communication is __________.

15 Surface Coatings and Striping

A slurry seal is __________________.

16 Concrete, Foundations and Piles A _______________ is used to transfer the load of a structure down through the upper weak layer of topsoil to the stronger layer of subsoil below.
17 Concrete Formwork and Shotcrete What does the quality of shotcrete applications depend on?
18 Concrete, Unbonded Post-Tensioned and Mathematics

Polyethylene closed cell foam acts as a moisture barrier when taped together according to specifications. The pad provides cushion as well as a _____________ barrier.

19 Structural, Reinforcing Steel, Rebar and Ties ____________________ is the top skived joint may be run in only one direction where the two ends of the belt are overlapped by 1/4”. Each end must be specifically prepared so once the joint is made it is no thicker than the rest of the belt.
20 Steel Framing, Steel Columns and Steel Erection

Bracing connections are generally made with _______________ bolts in clearance holes. In theory at least, this allows some movement in the connection, but in practice this is ignored in orthodox construction. In some cases it may be that movement on reversal is unacceptable - preloaded connections should be used in these circumstances.

The general design process is:

  • Identify the load path through the connection
  • Arrange the connection to ensure that the design intent of the members is realised, e.g. the beam connections remain nominally pinned
  • Include the effects of any significant eccentricity
  • Check the components in the connection.
21 Joists and Girders

Joists need to be designed large enough to support the anticipated load over a long period of time. The wider the span between the supporting structures, the deeper the joist will need to be if it is not to deflect under load.


22 Rough Carpentry and Framing A common method of squaring a corner is the 3-4-_______ rule.
23 Insulation and Vapor Barriers _____________ should be used in existing houses where fill insulation is added and where no vapor barrier was installed.
24 Aluminum, Roofing Panels, Galvalume, Galfan, Hips, Valleys and Seams How many inches should be to the weather on a 4 ply roof?
25 Roofing, Shakes, Flashing, Shingles, Tar, Roof Coverings, Galvanized and Steel Roll roofing is mostly used on _______________.
26 Roofing, Composition Shingles, Metal Roofing, Drainage Slope and Asphalt To convert an old flat roof to a steep slope, what installations are needed?
27 Sanitary Sewers, Storm Sewers and Septic Tanks

Although most codes permit 3" pipe to be used for sewer lines, _____ pipe is still recommended.

29 Sewer System Tank Size, Soils, Pathogens and Gases The standard drain field for the pressure distribution system consists of perforated pipes, which are _____________ in diameter.
30 Sewer Installation, Pipes, Leach Fields and Tanks Sewer line connections to existing lines or manholes are not made until upstream lines have been _____________.
31 Sewer Installation, Cast Iron Pipes, Drainage and Trenches

When pipe-trench soil is hardpan, or unyielding in general, the trench should be over excavated approximately ___ more inches.

32 Sewer Installation, Joints, Field Elevations and Sewer Testing

OSHA requires permits for worksite construction having any ____________, which must be supplemented by employee notification, written entry program, and training.

33 Masonry, Joints, Mortar, Concrete Blocks, Glass Blocks, Mortar Mixtures, Stairs and Steps

What is the most comfortable size riser for exterior stairs?

34 Masonry, Reinforcing Steel Bars, Walls, Mortar and Concrete The thickest stone of the sheet is used as the _________, during the troweling process.
35 Masonry, Mortar, Water Drains and Prisms What is the total height of masonry erected prior to the placement of grout called?
36 Landscaping, Grading and Low Voltage System

What is necessary to protect irrigation electrical control systems from lightning striking the ground?

37 Landscape Irrigation

Modern irrigation methods are efficient enough to supply the entire field uniformly with water, so that each plant has the amount of water it needs, neither too much nor too little. Water use efficiency in the field can be determined as follows:

  • Field Water Efficiency (%) = (Water Transpired by Crop ÷ Water Applied to Field) x ______________ .
38 Landscape Site Preparation, Grading, Contours, Drainage, Irrigation and Pipes When applying PVC solvent it is a applied to the inside fitting and the __________ of the pipe.
39 Turf, Sod and Greenhouse

Heat transport in both amorphous and crystalline dielectric solids is by way of elastic vibrations of the lattice (phonons). This transport mode is limited by the elastic scattering of acoustic phonons at ___________ defects. These predictions were confirmed by the experiments of Chang and Jones on commercial glasses and glass ceramics, where the mean free paths were limited by "internal boundary scattering" to length scales of 10−2 cm to 10−3 cm. The phonon mean free path has been associated directly with the effective relaxation length for processes without directional correlation. If Vg  is the group velocity of a phonon wave packet, then the relaxation length l; is defined as:

l;=V_g t
40 Painting and Interior Decorating

All emergency action plans required by a particular OSHA Standard. The emergency action plan shall be  ______________ and shall cover those designated actions employers and employees must take to ensure employee safety from fire and other emergencies.

41 Finish Carpentry, Wood Flooring, Installing and Parquet Flooring

__________________ is a geometric mosaic of wood pieces used for decorative effect. The two main uses are as veneer patterns on furniture and block patterns for flooring. This type of flooring pattern is entirely geometrical and angular—squares, triangles, lozenges. The most popular pattern of this type of flooring is herringbone. (The use of curved and natural shapes constitutes marquetry.

42 Finish Carpentry, Wood Flooring, Installing, Staining, Sanding, Sealers and Thermal Moisture Protection What should you use over a concrete slab, since most wood flooring cannot be secured to it?
43 Siding Regarding shingles and siding: diverging lines are obvious mistakes: With shingles or lapped siding, diverging starting and ending points can be hidden a little at a time by slightly tapering the course _____________.
44 Swimming Pool Construction, Soils, Earthwork and Excavating

To avoid the concrete footing from running under wall sections and protruding into pool excavation,  fill any voids under the wall with dirt. Place the concrete behind the wall gently to avoid disturbing the straight wall or level.Smoothing out the footing with a trowel or shovel will provide a more suitable bedding for the plumbing to set upon.

Pour a four and a half (4-1/2) to five (5) bag concrete footing mixture around the entire panel perimeter, at a depth of six inches (______”) to eight inches (8”) and at least 16” wide. Footings deeper than this are unnecessary and may result in bowed or crooked walls.




12 X 24

2-1/2 YARDS

14 X 28


16 X 32


18 X 36

4-1/2 YARDS

20 X 40


24 X 44

5-1/2 YARDS

45 Swimming Pool Piping

Effluent is an outflowing of water or gas from a natural body of water, or from a human-made structure.

46 Swimming Pool Concrete and Kool Decks
A contractor mixes concrete from bags of pre-mix for small jobs. How many bags with 6% cement should he mix with 5 bags of 14% cement to produce a mix containing 10% cement?
Let x = bags of 6% cement 
"cement from 6%" + "cement from 14%" = "total amount of cement"
.06x + .14(5) = .10(x+5)
.06x + .7 = .10x + .5
.7 = .04x + .5
.2 = .04x
_______ bags = x 
47 Tile, Terrazzo, Marble, Backing, lnstallation, Grouting, Mortar Mix and Adhesives If you are preparing a wood staircase for tile, what should be placed first?
48 Definitions
A short beam used like a bearing plate to distribute large reactive loads to a wall such as the load from a joist girder.
49 Job Safety Traffic Control An employee was injured because the contractor had overlooked a hazardous situation. Which of the following is a correct statement regarding responsibility for the injury?
50 ADA Parking Requirements

Wall mounted signs may be centered on the wall at the interior end of the parking space at 36 inches minimum _________.

51 OSHA Safety, Dig Alert, Asbestos Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29, Part 1926 and Training

All emergency action plans required by a particular OSHA Standard. The emergency action plan shall be  ______________ and shall cover those designated actions employers and employees must take to ensure employee safety from fire and other emergencies.

52 General Regulations and Fire Extinguishers What should construction employees wear when working at night?

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