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Washington-WA Plumbing Contractor (Commercial) License Online Practice Test

Here is the table of contents for our online practice exam.

# Title Questions
1 Pipes, Water Pressure, Pipe Fittings and Hydronics 42
2 Plumbing, Valves, Gas Pipes, Oxygen, Gas Cylinders and Water Heaters 38
3 Values, Drainage, Vents and Standpipes 37
4 Plumbing, PSI, Water Pressure, Water Flow, Pipelines and Water Pressure 25
5 Plumbing, Valves, Water Heaters, Gas Pipes, Oxygen and Gas Cylinders 40
6 Plumbing, Appliances, Drains, Fixtures and Inspections 20
7 Pluming, Installation and Repairs 31
8 Welding, Blazing, Arc, Oxyacetylene, Testing and Inspection 26
9 Excavating, Drainage, Compaction and Sitework 24
10 Underground Drainage and Pipelines 25
11 Installation, Pipes, Drainage and Trenches 41
12 Plumbing, Septic Tanks, Drainage and Gas Lines 46
13 Installation, Joints, Field Elevations, Sewers and Sewer Testing 25
14 Installation, Pipes, Leach Fields and Tanks 25
15 Sewer Maintenance and Repair 30
16 Sewer System, Location Sites and Soil Conditions 23
17 System Design, Tank Size, Soils, Pathogens and Gases 25
18 Sanitary Sewers, Storm Sewers and Septic Tanks 39
19 Coatings and Control Corrosion 15
20 Installing Irrigation Pipes 48
21 Pipe Materials 25
22 Roof Drainage Slopes 8
23 Swimming Pool Pipe Installation and Earthwork and Excavating 26
24 Construction Safety 35
25 OSHA Safety, Dig Alert, Asbestos and Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29, Part 1926 21
26 Bid Preparation and Estimating 13
27 Employees, Contractors, Insurance and Safety 10
28 Mathematics, Calculations and Formulas 19
Total = 782

Washington-WA Plumbing Contractor (Commercial) License Online Practice Test
  • Washington-WA Plumbing Contractor (Commercial) License Online Practice Test
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